Private Investigator London – A UK Private Detective at your control

As an established, professional private investigator service in the UK, Enigma Investigations offer a comprehensive list of private detective services for a wide variety of cases, employing a range of techniques that includes covert surveillance, vehicle tracking, tracing, and bug sweeping throughout London and its home counties including but not limited to Essex, Middlesex, North London, East London, South London, West London, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

How can a private detective help you?

We combine our vast experience of private detective work with state of the art equipment to help our clients in matters where others have failed. As a skilled private investigator, investigations throughout London and UK-wide are all part of our daily routine, which means every job – large or small – is carried out with expert skill and efficiency, and in the strictest confidence.

What can a private investigator do?

As the name suggests, a private investigator can look into all kinds of private matters, from investigating suspected infidelity, to carrying out surveillance of an employee or partner that you suspect of wrong-doing.
A UK private detective can gather information in a wide variety of ways and carry out a focused investigation even in the busiest of locations. For example, a private investigator in London could help to trace a missing person, or find a debtor that has left you in the lurch. Choosing to hire a private investigator might seem like a bold step, but all our services are highly tailored to your needs, and every case is dealt with tactfully.

Contact a private investigator at Enigma

If you need the services of a private investigator in Essex, Middlesex, North London, East London, South London, West London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, and throughout the UK or even internationally, you can contact us in the strictest confidence by email or telephone to speak to a private investigator about your case.

Our Work

We treat all enquiries in the strictest confidence. All advice and quotes are FREE.

We will listen to your situation and will advise you on:

  • What we will do to help you.
  • How many Private Investigators it will require.
  • When the job will be completed.
  • When you will receive the evidence.
  • The cost.

We can take on any job no matter how large or small to completion.

Our Services

We specialise in surveillance and vehicle tracking throughout London, the UK and internationally. Our Private Detectives also provide:

Our Specialisms

Our private detectives specialise in covert surveillance, vehicle tracking and matrimonial affairs. If you think your spouse or partner is cheating on you, getting a vehicle tracker installed will give you the evidence you need to prove or dismiss your suspicions.

Our agency is amongst the cream of the crop of legitimate, professional and capable private investigator agencies in the UK, with private detectives operating throughout London, the Home Counties and nationwide.