Debtor Tracing Services

Bad debt can cripple a business or individual and often the key to recovering that debt is the fast and efficient tracing services that Enigma can provide to help find the debtor. Often bad debtors will try to evade you by changing or disconnecting telephone numbers and companies can relocate their business addresses.

Our team of investigators provide tracing services that can quickly and effectively provide you with current details of a bad debtor so that you can begin to recover the monies or property owed to you. We can trace debtors in London and right across the UK.

Missing Persons Tracing

If you’re trying to find a missing loved one or just an old friend then Enigma Investigations can help. Our missing persons service aims to reunite you with a long lost son or daughter or get you back in touch with that long lost childhood friend.

If you are trying to trace a missing person in London, you may be struggling with where to start in such a big place. That is exactly why you should choose Enigma as your first port of call. We have the experience to trace people and find missing persons in any situation, no matter how cold the trail might seem.

How Tracing Works

Our tracing service is an excellent way to trace debtors and missing persons.
If you are trying to locate a missing person, you provide us with their name[s] and we will then conduct the trace. If the trace is successful we will supply you with their new address and any available telephone numbers making contacting them easy.

If you are trying to issue court proceedings, enforce judgements, or simply wish make contact with a person who owes you money then our debtor tracing service will give you results.

We can guarantee that we can access accurate data, suitable to a third party such as a County Court or bailiff. We are also data protection compliant ensuring we adhere to the highest standards and provide a service with integrity.

We work on the following basis.

  1. All tracing searches are performed quickly, discreetly and in the strictest confidence
  2. Simply provide us with their full name(s) and all information you have on them;
  3. We aim to have your trace concluded within 7 to 10 days
  4. The person[s] will not know a trace has been performed
  5. Discounts are available for bulk instructions

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