TSCM, Bug Sweeping & Detection Services

(Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

At Enigma Investigations we have counter surveillance specialists who are experts in the detection of, and protection from most forms of electronic eavesdropping.

Our solutions can generally comprise:

TSCM  ( Technical Surveillance counter measure )

Inspection List:

• RF Detection & Direction Finding

•  Thermal Emission Spectrum Analysis

• Lens Detector Analysis

• NLJD (Non-Linear Junction Detector) Inspection

• IR and Visible Light Test

• Physical Inspection

• RF Mapping & Spectrum Analysis

• Optical Instrument Visual Inspection

• Speaker Test

• Carrier Current Transmissions Test

Using our specialist equipment we protect your important business or personal facilities from threatening eavesdroppers, giving you and your clients the highest assurance of confidentiality and whenever we discover problems, we act quickly and decisively to eliminate the risks to your personal and business data.

TSCM Inspection Survey

TSCM Inspection Survey (Bug Sweeping or Counter Surveillance) is a specialised inspection of an area within a building, for example, an office or residential; or a motor vehicle to detect, locate and identify any listening or visual devices present.

Enigma Investigations TSCM Team specialise in identifying suspicious RF signals from VLF to 24 GHz, analog/digital and data transmitters, including Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5 GNz), GSM-UMTS-LTE.

Following a complete TSCM inspection Enigma Investigations TSCM Team will report back to you with our findings, highlighting risks detected and will make recommendations on how to ensure future breaches of your privacy are not compromised.

Enigma Investigations has been in the TCSM bug sweeping business for over 20 years and is expert on bugging technology, transmitters, trackers, cameras and all other related gadgets. Our detection devices will give you peace of mind if you believe your home or office is being bugged.


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