Matrimonial affair? A private investigator can help!

Your partner is acting out of character.  Your relationship is not as it should be.  WHY?? Do you suspect your partner of having a matrimonial affair? Have you ever thought of hiring a private investigator or private detective to help determine what is or has happened?  This is how we at Enigma Investigations can help.

First step is to contact us – either call on 01992 633474 / 07960 885533 or email.  Tell us what’s happened.  You can speak to either a male or female private investigator.

Our advice will be tailored to resolving your problem.  If you don’t know your partner’s movements and he/she drives we may recommend we mount a vehicle tracker on their car.  No need to panic…. we put the tracker on and we tracker off.  We then provide you with a unique login code to our tracker panel; and wow….. live tracking the vehicle.  You can visually see where that vehicle is at any point throughout the day or night.  Believe it or not, trackers don’t lie but people do!  So if your partner has told you that they are working late but their vehicle is seen on the tracker panel to be parked up in a hotel car park.  That’s the start of accumulating evidence against the lies you are being told by your partner.

May be your partner goes out specific evenings every week for example, something they previously didn’t do.  A sudden interest!  Our advice maybe have your partner followed that particular evening in order to establish what is happening.  It may not be an affair.  Your partner may have got themselves into trouble and cannot confide or tell you what has happened.  For example, one case we had was where a person suspected that their partner was having an affair.  They thought that their partner was seeing someone else every Wednesday morning.  We were instructed to follow the partner from the home address on the Wednesday morning.  It transpired that the Subject (the person we were following) was on community service every Wednesday morning.  They were too embarrassed to confide in their partner that they had been convicted of a criminal offence.  A further example, of our use of techniques used to solve a case, was when a person suspected their partner was gambling.  Money was unaccounted for and they were absent from work for periods of time.  We first fitted the Subject’s vehicle with a vehicle tracker in order to give us an idea of their movements.  Following a few weeks vehicle tracking we discovered that the Subject was visiting underground car parks and hotels on particular days of the week.  Therefore, one morning a team of agents followed the Subject from his home to an underground car park.  We had one agent sitting in the back of a covert vehicle, whilst another agent was driving.  The Subject parked his car.  At the same time, our agent parked his car next to his.  The agent driving alighted from his car and walked off, leaving the other agent in the rear of the covert vehicle.  Meanwhile, the Subject believes they are alone in their car, in a secluded car park.  A few minutes later a car pulled up and parked besides the Subject’s car.  A person alighted and entered the back of the Subject’s car.  The Subject joined this person in the back of the car, where they are both videoed by the agent in the rear the covert vehicle next to theirs having sex.  The film was later provided to the Client who confronted the partner…. undisputable evidence! An example of how we use both trackers and surveillance to discover the truth behind their suspect behaviour.

We at Enigma Investigations pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest covert technology in order to obtain the very best visual and audio footage…. remember, we are your eyes and ears whilst on surveillance!  A further example of use of covert equipment are in case where we are instructed to enter a restaurant and covertly video the subject.  In one case we had, our agents, whilst wearing covert cameras and audio equipment were able to sit close to the Subject in a restaurant.  The agents were able to capture on camera the Subject kissing the other person they were dining with; and also tape their conversation, in that the Subject was intending to drain the matrimonial bank accounts of all fund, before leaving the Client to run off with the other person….. Invaluable information for the Client.  Information the Client could not have obtained without the help of specialist covert equipment.

Whether your assignment may involve the use of a tracker or a surveillance team using specialist covert equipment, you will always receive visual evidence in the form of a full photographic and written log, with all photographs displaying date and time, or a vehicle tracking report displaying all movements 24/7.

Remember if you have any suspicions your partner is playing away from home, simply pick up the phone and talk to one of our specialist private investigators in London or the Home Counties, who will always be willing to listen and help.  Knowledge is power and once you have the information or result you can make an informed decision.  Or alley any fears you may have.

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